MAPS Business Training offers programs designed for entrepreneurs, business leaders and sales professionals to support them in transforming their businesses and lives through game-changing training and coaching. Recognized for the award-winning quality and results of the programs we produce, MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) Business Training is part of the Keller Williams family of training companies, the #1 training company in the world, across all industries. The format for programs ranges from keynote addresses, full in-house and public training programs, to conferences and masterminds. We also offer one-on-one coaching relationships and weekly group coaching programs. We can also tailor public programs for your company to supplement in-house training, or create a powerful ongoing training program, company university or academy for your organization.

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Our Certified Facilitators

Adam Workman

Boston, Massachusetts

Confident being the zebra in a field of horses, Adam Workman has dedicated his professional life to cross-industry innovation, combining expertise from both the artistic and corporate business communities for their mutual benefit. Highly trained with a degree in classical music performance from the Boston University College of Fine Arts and with over a decade of high-level roles in corporate America, Adam focuses on finding common ground, revealing strengths, and celebrating differences among individual contributors and organizations in these seemingly divergent worlds. Now President & Founder of a revolutionary sales, repair, and artistic consulting services company for musicians worldwide, Adam committed to becoming a ONE Thing Certified Trainer to encourage his team and clients to harness their intrinsic diligence, common sense, and passion as ingredients in The ONE Thing's recipe for unlimited success.

Alan Rice

Bedford, NH

Alan considers himself first and foremost an educator. By constantly seeking talent and developing individuals’ personal success, he has become a  recognized leader in his industry. After a successful career as Senior VP of GMAC Real Estate in New England, Alan is now the Operating Partner of Keller Williams Realty in Bedford, NH, which consistently ranks in the top 1 percent of market centers in systemwidel. Alan is an active partner in other related businesses such as title and real estate investment.

Ashley Golladay

Richardson, TX

Ashley has built a successful consulting and training business based on her unique knowledge and experience in the world of finance and operations. Her tech-savvy talents and ability to communicate often dreaded topics in an interesting, understandable and fun format has served her well. Ashley is a former approved trainer for KWU, has a bachelor’s in management and business administration, and will complete her MBA in finance at the end of 2015.

Audie Cashion

Cornelius, NC
ONE Thing Trainer

Audie Cashion, Founder and Chairman of the World Peace Center—a 501c3, is a certified ONE Thing Trainer for the #1 best-selling book The ONE Thing. He has invested his life using business as a bridge to Peace as Founder and President of several international consulting, export, and real estate firms doing business in 40 different countries, serving on the board of Global Involvement through Education, and Chair of the Rotary World Peace Cities project in the Triad, North Carolina. The “Entrepreneurial Peacemaker” started his first business in college at 20, and throughout his career has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), international, national and local publications, as well as, TV about his détente through trade/bridge-building ventures. The World Peace Center helps individuals and organizations find and implement their purpose with the goal of creating Peace.

Axle Davids

Toronto, Canada
Trainer, Team Workshop Facilitator

Canada’s leading brand strategy facilitator, Axle helps teams smoothly distill their strongest insights and instincts into a winning brand or business strategy. Thanks to his patented team decision making software, these are the only workshops in the world to get strategy 100% done in 1 day. Workshop clients include AT&T, RBC, Ericsson, Life Technologies, Jack.org, Humber College and Blue Mountain Resorts. Prior to inventing his workshops, Axle was the creative director for more than 150 digital marketing projects for brands like Lands’ End, Cosmopolitan, Disney and Apple.

Brad Gallup


Brad Warren

Castro Valley, CA
Trainer, Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Brad is an author, speaker, trainer, and business coach. He specializes in working with real estate professionals, sole proprietors, and business owners. He's a former Fred Pryor Seminar leader as well as a MAPS Coach, and is a member of the KWU Faculty. He has trained extensively throughout the US and in 19 foreign countries, and teaches a variety of business topics, such as negotiation skills, lead generation, goal setting and accomplishment, time and activity management, how to design and deliver powerful presentations, and how to run more effective meetings. He's a graduate of MIT and UC Berkeley, author of Just Sold! The Real Estate Professional's Guide to Selling More in Less Time, and was the recipient of the 2014 Bay East Association of Realtors Affiliate of the Year.

Brian Edgar

Montreal, QC
Transformational Business Leader

Proven business leader with over 20 years of success improving the performance of organizations in the fashion retailing and wholesaling industries. High-energy change manager with track record of building and managing winning teams, business units and products across all phases of life cycles. Effectively leverages broad business expertise, vision, innovation, a passion for excellence and an expansive network of industry contacts. Specialties:Driving the profitability and performance of retailing and wholesaling businesses by developing and leading strategies, infrastructures, initiatives and teams that are optimized through expertise developed from first-hand experience and success at all levels of organizations.

CC Underwood

Jacksonville, FL
Trainer, Coach

CC Underwood is the leader of the Sellin' With CC real estate team in Jacksonville, FL. Her team sells over 100 homes per year and plans to expand into other cities in 2016. Her passion to train and lead her team expanded into training and coaching individuals on a much larger scale. She was accepted in 2015 as a BOLD Business Coach and a Certified ONE Thing Trainer. "I want to impact the business and lives of those open to change and commitment. I want to help people create their story of then and now," says CC. 

Chad Hyams

Atlanta, GA
Trainer, Voice of Reason and Author

Have you ever been lucky enough to have one of those friends that always holds you accountable, even when it stings and you might not want to hear it? Chad Hyams made his mark by delivering a high-energy training in a "no fluff, let's just cut to the chase" kind of way. He was a top tier real estate agent and launched the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. He has coached thousands and thousands of agents on business and life strategies.

Cheryl Skolnick

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Cheryl Skolnick has been spoken of in different business arenas as being "The Great Communicator". Cheryl's ability to lead has been proven in the different business opportunities she has experienced in management and ownership positions over the past 35 years. Cheryl's true love of the The ONE Thing is to train and encourage people who desire extraordinary lives. Those with the ability to visualize huge success in their lives.

Cyndi Cummings

Austin, Tx

A follower of Servant Leadership methods, and a successful realtor for 15 years, she has trained realtors in many topics, with specialties in clients over 55 and technology. Her passion in helping seniors, lead her to form the Austin Senior Resource Alliance and Center. This alliance has broaden her relationships with businesses and non-profits from small to large. There she realized the lack of tools and resources available to these organizations, all of which were provided to her by Keller Williams. The desire to share this information with others is what lead Cyndi to become certified to teach The One Thing. She intends to impact many lives by sharing what she has learned over the years by teaching The One Thing to welcoming audiences across the world.

David Hancock

Dallas, Texas

David Hancock Certified ONE Thing Trainer, Speaker, Author, & Coach. David has been publicly speaking for more than 30 years, and has keynoted many seminars and events on leadership for businesses and churches. In his 20's David appeared on several news broadcasts and also shared the honors of “Person of the Week” on ABC News with host Peter Jennings as a nationally recognized youth speaker. He has spoken in 6 different countries (Israel, Spain, Myanmar, China, United States, and Mexico) and in 22 different states in the US. David’s focus on relationships, trust, and rapport has allowed him to utilize his strengths to help leaders find their ONE Thing, implement rapid change, increase sales productivity, and improve client relations. So, whether you need a inspirational speaker to keynote your annual sales kickoff, a regional meeting of your top leaders, or want to motivate your employees to live out higher levels of productivity in the workplace then you won't be disappointed in having David come and help your team WIN!

David Hill

Worcester, MA

KWU instructor since 2013. Graduate of Dale Carnegie Effective Communications. Owner of the top real estate team which did more than $22 million in 2014 working less than 35 hours a week. David lives by the famous words of Zig Ziglar: "Help enough people get what they want and you end up with what you want." David's passion is teaching and coaching and his Big Why is inspiring people to do things that inspire them.

Debora Murray

Riverside, CA
Trainer, KWU Certified Trainer, Author

Debora Murray is a Keller Williams University certified trainer. Debora is a former real estate producer, team leader / CEO, Keller Williams Gulf States regional director for four and a half years, and operations controller for the casino industry. Debora brings a unique business perspective, analytical skill sets with training on mindset and executing written vision statements and action plans. In 2015, Debora was diagnosed with a rare cancer and has undergone dramatic treatments in recovery - 30 IMRT Radiation Treatments and more than 52 chemo treatments. This life challenge brings a tremendous understanding of vision statements, action plans, mind set training, and living life to the fullest. You won't be disappointed with the passion and focus which Debora brings to an event.

Dr. Matthew Muenster, MD

Dallas, TX

A lifelong-learner and teacher, Dr. Matt focuses on prescribing success for frustrated achievers. All achievement comes with struggles and Matt has struggled mightily through frustration to achievement in a variety of areas. As a husband, father, electrical engineer, board-certified dermatopathologist, certified ONE Thing trainer, and speaker, Matt brings 25 years experience learning and teaching the secrets of smart efficiency, extraordinary results and high productivity to his workshops.

Emerick Peace

Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Trainer, Speaker, Inspirational Leader

22 years as a successful real estate agent (Hall of Fame Agent), 11 year successful franchise owner, 20 year successful military career. Emerick has a signature to his life—a certain style with which he lives. It is to make the most of every chance he gets, and help others to do the same. The 3 P's (Passion, Persistence and Perseverance) are the signature of success and a more abundant life. Emerick brings a fresh perspective and a unique point of view to The ONE Thing Workshop allowing the participants to see their true potential and unlock the hidden treasures of self discovery.

Emily Petroff

Billings, Montana
Trainer, Speaker, Author, & Coach

Emily Petroff Certified ONE Thing Trainer, Speaker, Author, & Coach Emily is a transformational leader focused on employee empowerment and challenging the traditional leadership hypotheses; Emily Petroff has spent 10+ years working in a variety of industries. Ms. Petroff, President of Evolve, has direct oversight operations which encompass coaching both personal and professional relationships. Emily’s focus on relationships, trust, and rapport in a highly “emotional” field has allowed her to utilize her strengths to help leaders find their ONE Thing, implement rapid change, and improve relationship engagement. Emily has shared her successes through numerous public speaking events both locally and nationally. With Coaching Certifications in Business, Personal, Life, and Relationships and Bachelor degree in Psychology, Emily has utilized her education and numerous years of leadership experience to develop management and mentorship programs. Ms. Petroff ’s experience and educational background include strategic decision making and planning, organizational communication, change management, employee and leadership development, team building, and relationship conflict resolution. She is no stranger to the pitfalls of life, relationships, parenting, and self-confidence. Her dedication to her own ongoing personal growth and development is a testament to her success and the success of her clients.

JC Melvin

Las Vegas, NV
Trainer, Speaker, Author

JC Melvin brings high energy to every keynote, convention and workshop. He is an active member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) and the National Speakers Association (NSA). JC delivers a no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase reality check about life. From smaller executive groups to large sales forces, JC. connects through his unique wit to each of the adult learning styles. Audiences embrace change as they move themselves from thought to action with measurable results.

Jeffrey W. Cope

North Carolina
Certified ONE Thing Trainer

Jeff is a hillbilly whose mission is to put the “common” back into sense. He is a versatile and reliable pathfinder with over 30 years of experience training, managing and leading employees in a variety of high paced environments – from Walmart, the #1 company in the Fortune 500, to the U.S. Army. He serves as a Master Resilience Trainer and an A.S.I.S.T. (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Facilitator for the Army National Guard. His unique capacity toward “post traumatic growth” after hardships in his own life, and knack for making complex ideas simple and actionable made him a sought after counselor, coach and mentor to many.

Jenny McCall

Scottsdale, AZ

Jenny McCall inspires to live her life a more awakened, vibrant and alive human being. She's the Managing partner of the S4 Real Estate Group who specializes in business to business relationships. During her career she has been featured in Residential Real Estate Magazine, honored as the KW Regional Icon and maintained the Multi-Million Dollar Producer Award with the South East Association of Realtors. Jenny served on the Agent Leadership Council for 5 consecutive years as the Director of education, luxury and culture. She obtained her 1 Thing Certification in November of 2015 with the desire to coach others to get what they want!

Jenny's business now blesses her with the ability to work with selected clients while enjoying raising her 3 children with her husband David of 17 years. She is a Life Group Leader with Central Christian Church and a Foster Parent of two. This year Jenny and her husband are embarking on a new adventure to start Family Style group homes for children and a non profit focusing on higher education for foster children.


JJ Gorena

San Antonio, TX
Certified ONE Thing Trainer

JJ Gorena II began his real estate career in 2004, training under some of the industry’s best leaders and mentors. His training, along with his perseverance to be among the best in the city, has lead him to his great success. He formed the Trey Group with Bobby Cortez, and they have risen to great success over the past several years.

Josh Friberg

Beaverton, OR
Trainer, Speaker, Adventurer

You, your organization and your teammates should have awesome lives. Josh Friberg has committed his career to helping others create awesome lives — intentional and integrated. He brings energy, humor and a storyteller’s style to deliver high-impact training. As a real estate agent, he quickly became a top-level trainer in the #1 training organization in all industries. Having backpacked more than 100 days in a year, raced mountain bikes in Nepal, and crewed in international sailing regattas, Josh and his wife now focus on the adventure of raising two great children.

Kim Vuong

Toronto, Ontario
Business Leader, Trainer

Kim Vuong is an energetic entrepreneur, worldwide coach, trainer, speaker, and the first ONE Thing Trainer in Canada. Kim transforms the doubts of others into her own opportunities. Her drive enables her to overcome all barriers that get in her way. Kim’s intentional mission for self-improvement has led her to take BOLD coaching 11 times. She actively learns and purposefully applies her knowledge at every opportunity. Kim has successfully completed a 15k marathon, proving her ability to break down barriers in front of her. She believes it’s never a question of “Can we do this?” and always a question of “How will we get there?” Kim is constantly focusing on her One Thing to achieve her goals and strive higher than her own expectations. She aims to share her methods to a successful life, business, and mind with the world, ONE person at a time.

Kimberly Genovese


Kurt Francis

San Diego, CA
Trainer & Chief Invigorator

Kurt was born in South Africa. His dream from a young age was to live in America. Nothing could stop this dream. in 1999 this dream materialized and he moved to the USA. He got his California Real Estate license and soon found great success as an agent in CENTURY 21Award. His success created other opportunities for him to be part of the company’s Executive Leadership team. Kurt regularly speaks at company events all over Southern California as well as other companies, other industries and non-profit organizations at national sales conventions and global conferences. Kurt is a powerful presenter, who invigorates, energizes and impacts audiences with his humor and passion. In the beginning of 2016 Kurt was introduced to “The One Thing” book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. This impacted him Kurt in a phenomenal way because he could see “The One Thing” workshops, seminars and books as a powerful resource to achieve his dream and calling which is to Invigorate 1 million people within the next 20 years throughout the Globe in different industries and organizations. Kurt then aligned himself with Keller Williams Realty to harness his relationship so that is goal could be achieved.

Lance Dunahoe

Colleyville, TX
Trainer, Business Owner

Lance Dunahoe is an entrepreneur, business owner and trainer. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan's revolutionary book The ONE Thing had a profound affect on Lance's life and business. He became one of the first certified ONE Thing trainers so that he could master these skills in his own life and authentically share this message with you! As the owner of Inspect360 and Lead Domino, his greatest passion is helping successful but overworked entrepreneurs, managers, and employees understand the power of "going small" to achieve Big success in their lives too.

Lester Cox

Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Business Coach

Lester has spent almost 30 years in banking. As an authentic leader for just over 20 years, he has been successful in helping many discover their innate abilities through coaching. Lester, a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers, has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of North Texas. His in-depth training as a ONE Thing Certified Facilitator provides another avenue for him to inspire others to crack their life’s code and reach their full potential. Lester lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his family.

Linda McKissack

Dallas, TX

Linda McKissack is an entrepreneur, best selling author, business coach, trainer and highly regarded speaker. Her greatest passion is helping the successful but overworked entrepreneur understand the power of leverage and passive income in their lives. Linda is the regional operating principal for the Ohio Valley Region for Keller Williams Realty International and owns multiple Keller Williams franchises. Recently, Linda was featured on one of the top 10 business blogs, "Entrepreneur on Fire". Her authenticity makes you believe if she can do it then so can you.

Lisa Fisher

Lansing, MI

Lisa Fisher is a leadership coach and certified ONE Thing trainer. She has worked with clients in the United States and Canada to enhance their leadership skills and create goals and accountability to live a life on purpose.

Lisa Zmuda

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Mover, Shaker!

Lisa Zmuda (formerly Lisa Ekanger) was born and raised in Minnesota and has lived in New York, Indiana, Michigan and Europe. It was in the greater Detroit area, in 2008, where she ‘cut her teeth’ as a new agent with Keller Williams and learned the industry. Lisa has been an individual agent, a team listing specialist, a team leader, a real estate investor, regional coach and a real estate trainer. She was mentored by Floyd Wickman (top 25 most influential in real estate) for 3 years in the psychology of sales and for 1 year as a MAPS mastery coaching client.   A student of The One Thing since its inception, Lisa has applied the strategies and techniques in her personal and professional life with massive success and is very excited to spread the word about the best kept secret -- The One Thing!

Lu Parsons

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Trainer and Facilitator

A real estate broker with an educator's heart is how I describe myself whether working with new clients, agents or office management. Real estate for me has always been about more than property or houses, it is about person's lives. THE ONE THING workshop is an opportunity to guide individuals, organizations, businesses to their ONE THING that will change the road to success for profit, focus and purpose.

Maggie Harris

McAllen, TX
Trainer, Business Owner, Leader

Maggie Harris is the Team Owner and Leader of The Harris Realty Team in McAllen TX. Her Team is know as a Top Producer in South Texas and is getting ready to Expand into other cities in 2017. Maggie trains and leads her team members in a high level on a daily basis. She strongly believes that the more a person loves, serves and gives to others, the more exponential is the growth within. "Sometimes all we need is support to help each other to accomplish what we want to achieve, and I want to provide that by coaching others" Training in English and Spanish.

Margaret Jackson

Clearwater, FL

Originally from the UK, Margaret believes a life truly lived is always in motion! Based in Tampa Bay, Florida she joined Keller Williams in 2011 and manages a small team that includes Martin, her husband of 27 years. Previously a Licensed Occupational Therapist, Margaret brings 25 years of personal and managerial experience from the UK and USA. As one of the 1st 50 Certified ONE Thing Trainers, Margaret holds true to the path to self-development and mastery, bringing a unique perspective to the material, and a powerful journey through the process of changing your business, your career and your life.

Maria Morell

Charleston, SC
Trainer, Speaker and Coach

Maria Morell was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has lived in Georgia, Texas and South Carolina. She is a well respected professional business woman involved in production and leadership with focus on real estate and in partnership with Keller Williams Realty since in 2003. Her passion for training and servant leadership has allowed Maria to influence many others on their path to success. Maria is a Certified trainer and facilitator for The One Thing Workshops. Maria believes that by working on improving the individual today, we can change their future, their family and their job performance; ultimately creating a positive ripple that can change the world!


Marvin Towler

New Haven, CT
Trainer, Speaker, Instigator

Marvin Towler is a speaker, thinker and instigator who is renowned for delivering perceptive insights for his clients. He has a B.S. in corporate communications from Southern Connecticut State University and received his Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law. His varied career interests have spanned from corporate to nonprofit work to significant experience in the personal development industry, where he has coached others in clarifying goals and working toward personal and professional success.He is a master certified success coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in the personal development industry. Along his path to self-mastery he came across Gary Keller and Jay Papasan's #1 best seller The ONE Thing, which had such an impact on him that he decided to become one of the first 40 people in the world to be certified to teach these powerful principles of productivity. Among his interests are running, martial arts and hard-style kettlebell training.

Mel Reed

Fayetteville, AR

Mel Reed, Certified ONE Thing trainer, author, has delivered training to Fortune 500 companies and delivers a high energy focused presentation. Mel has been called one of the most effective and passionate leaders in business today. His style is humorous and he is considered one of the top "entertrainers" in America today. His passion is to help people reach their full potential and discover their ONE Thing!  A graduate of Colorado Christian University founder— and president of Optimus Training.

Melanie Kennemann

Austin, TX

Melanie is a KW Team Leader Hall of Fame Inductee in 2013, and was recently named Platinum Top 50 Manager of the Year in all of Austin for 2014-2015. Melanie has recruited over 1000 agents to the company over an 8 year span, and would have been rookie of the year had she not stepped out of production nine months in to be team leader in Reno. Melanie and her team took her Reno office to the number one company in the city, number one in the Southwest region, and number 21 in the entire country!

Melanie moved to Austin in January of 2011, and grew Market Center Southwest with partner team leader Diane Johnson to record growth, profitability, and productivity. Her office closed $2 billion in 2014. Agent count grew from 500 to 825 and is still growing. She will break $1,000,000 in profit share this year  which is an all time record in Austin! GCI of their agents is higher than any other Keller Williams office in the system. Melanie is a Certified ONE thing Trainer and loves making a difference! She's been on the top 25 team leader list every year since began as a team leader. 

Keller Williams is such a big part of her life and Melanie continues to dedicate her energies to helping others become the best versions of themselves possible. Melanie feels training is the key to thinking bigger in life and she loves being part of that! Live to inspire!

Michael Christman

Austin, TX
Trainer, Coach

Michael is a business coach and consultant with a long history of mentoring leaders in the US and Canada. He has a keen ability to see through the noise and flush out relevant issues, leading to results. After relocating to Austin in 2007, he founded MCA, a consulting firm with one simple mission; “A better world, one leader at a time.” Michael's experience as an entrepreneur and senior leader provides a solid foundation and perspective to help others rise. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and his commitment to clients is unbending. As a certified trainer and facilitator of The ONE Thing workshops, Michael is committed to enrich the lives of every person he is privileged to serve.

Michael Coffey

Atlanta, London, Washington D.C.

Mike Coffey is an entrepreneur, speaker and consultant who has presented hundreds of events across the United States and internationally. He is the founder of several private equity ventures in the US & UK, and has consulted Fortune 50 executives, as well as fellow successful entrepreneurs. His passions and experience revolve around alignment of organizational goals and personal fulfillment, strategic goal setting, recruitment and sales development- making him a natural selection for your ONE Thing workshop. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan's revolutionary book The ONE Thing had a profound impact on Mike's life. He became one of the first 50 certified ONE Thing trainers worldwide and is now ready to assist your organization with real world application of these concepts.

Michael Horwitz

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Educator and Coach

With over 40 years of experience as a former practicing Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur, consultant, developer, real estate broker, and educator, Michael brings a broad and deep set of tools to help others succeed in their business endeavors. By pulling together the world of academia into real world applications he delivers engaging programs that help individuals and organizations become successful. He believes that applying prescriptive models and innovative concepts to real world applications drives results. Horwitz said "I want to be known as a passionate educator, knowledgeable trainer, engaging facilitator, and challenging coach; making a difference in the lives of others; changing paradigms and creating memorable moments".

Michael Tritthart

McKinney, TX
Certified ONE Thing Trainer

Michael has been delivering high energy, applicable training to your business and personal lives since 1993. Training with a "Tell, Show, Do" approach, his workshops have been embraced by thousands across the US and Canada. With a passion to empower his attendees, many have used the techniques learned to build successful careers and lives. Michael obtained his Master of Education Degree from UNT in 2000 and became a member of the KWU Master Faculty in 2008. He has trained/consulted the whole spectrum, from College and Super Bowl Champions to Multi Millionaire Business Leaders. He is excited about sharing how the ONE Thing has changed his life and the opportunity to do the same for many more people. Michael has been married for over 20 years to his beautiful bride, Shantel, and has two kids that impress him every day.

Pamela Minor

Waldorf, MD
Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

Pamela Minor is one of 50 certified trainers in the coveted “The One Thing” (TOT) certification program from the MAPS.Pamela Minor is a dynamic, motivating and humorous trainer, speaker and facilitator for groups of all sizes. Mrs. Minor is a talented storyteller; she has a passion for people, business and life. The inspiration Mrs. Minor transmits in her speeches has personal and professional applications that are unforgettable and valuable. Minor in the 20 plus years that span her career has been a photographer, software engineer, enterprise architect, information technology trainer, golf instructor, entrepreneur, and inventor on Patent No.:US8,614,633 B1 system and method for ships and vessels. As Program Manager, for the Workforce Development of the Department of Defense (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program. Mrs. Minor now resides in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan Area with her husband and is an avid golfer and seasoned photographer and videographer.

Patricia Ashanti

Little Rock, AR
Trainer, Non-profit Founder/CEO

Patricia Ashanti is a trainer, coach, and entrepreneur. Each day begins with the attitude that all things are possible! Helping others recognize their strengths and achieve their goals is her greatest passion. When teaching seminars, her audiences are attracted to her genuine concern for their success.

Although her interest in business led to a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, she has always been drawn to community service and the desire to make a difference. As the founder of a non-profit organization, Delta Circles, she conducts trainings and seminars to assist people to thrive and improve their lives. She recognizes the desire for individuals and businesses, to be successful, productive and profitable. Fortunately, success leaves clues, and Patricia is uniquely positioned to share the success clues found in the ONE Thing with non-profit and business sectors alike. Her community service work has yielded over 20 years’ experience in community and business consulting. In 2014 she was awarded the Arkansas Times Visionary Award for exhibiting transformational leadership for her work in the Arkansas Delta.

She is grateful to have been introduced to the principles of The ONE Thing while serving as a realtor with Keller Williams Realty. Recognizing the privilege and responsibility given to serve as a ONE Thing Certified Instructor, she is intentional in adding value and building long-lasting relationships with her clients. She welcomes the opportunity to contribute to your success and that of your business.

She is also the proud mother of four wonderful children; three handsome young men and one beautiful daughter.


Peter Chatel

Atlanta, Georgia
Trainer and Coach

Peter is an experienced consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker who targets on helping executives and business owners achieve extraordinary results through the strategic application of focus, habit and discipline. After 22 years at The Coca-Cola Company, Peter moved from the "Real Thing" to The ONE Thing. Peter is a member of the John Maxwell Team where he is certified as a coach, trainer and speaker. He is also a coach with KW MAPS – Business Training and certified to train and coach on The ONE Thing.

Preethi Gunasekara

London, United Kingdom
International Trainer, Project Management Consultant & Coach

Preethi Gunasekara comes from a background of successfully delivering mission critical high stakes projects & programmes for major corporates & multi-nationals over a period of 16 years. A significant part of this time was spent in recovering troubled projects that clients required brought back on track, or time critical projects that required to be accelerated and delivered to an aggressive timeline. As well as being a mentor and coach to a number of management consultants and organizations in both Europe and Asia, Preethi has coached, mentored and guided many project teams, vendors and corporate teams to create high performance "A" teams with his client organizations to take their business forward. As an international trainer for The One Thing, Preethi is using it to train Individuals, SME's, Teams and Corporates on how to identify their goals, plan, focus on what matters and accelerate the achievement of their goals.

Ray Jardine

UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East

Ray Jardine is a chartered member of The Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), carries a master’s degree in human resource development and has more than 40 years of corporate experience as a trainer, HR director and latterly CEO of two consulting businesses. In 2008, he was founder of the Gibraltar branch of The Academy for Chief Executives (ACE). He is an accomplished speaker, coach and is a master practitioner in NLP. In 2014, he read The ONE Thing and was so moved by the content that he explored opportunities to teach it.

Scott Crouch

Phoenix, AZ

Scott Crouch began his life as an abandoned baby. Today, he is a successful real estate entrepreneur, directly involved with the sale of billions of dollars of real estate throughout Arizona, California and Hawaii. In 1966, he was adopted by Don and Marilyn Crouch and was raised in South Phoenix. After college, he began selling resale homes and expanded his interests in real estate. In 1993, he was named the new home sales person of the year in Arizona by the Home Builders Association.

Skye Anderson

Austin, TX
Trainer, Coach

Skye Anderson agrees with Albert Einstein’s assertion that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. Skye is a disruptor of the status quo. Drawing from her rich and diverse background in sociology, spiritual psychology, coaching, and training and development, she helps you get the results you want in business and in your personal life. Her results-oriented approach is simple yet powerful. When you interact with Skye, the first thing you’ll notice is her soft-spoken demeanor. The second thing you’ll notice is that behind every quite pause, she has a thought-provoking question aimed to connect you more fully with your highest self. Her ability to guide you to extraordinary business productivity through slight behavioral adjustments is remarkable. Skye embodies living a life of personal freedom and she wants the same for you!

Steve Rider

Scottsdale, Arizona
Trainer, Coach, Motivation Speaker

Steve Rider specializes in helping organizations and professionals break down the walls of change and get on a proven path to growth and success. He has a system for getting people moving in the right direction by leading them on a path of discovery, uncovering what really matters to them and showing them that change is not the enemy. Steve's main passion is education and has enjoyed great success as an educator and team leader, with extensive experience teaching at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Keller Williams. Steve is also certified as a John Maxwell motivation speaker.

Susan Cook

Falls Church, VA

Susan Cook has made her mark by delivering Real Estate licensing class and has recruited 100’s of agents into real estate and Keller Williams through her real life stories and experiences. She was a top tier real estate broker in her business and she coaches hundreds and hundreds of recruits on business and life strategies. Susan is passionate about empowering and educating business people and delivering the transformational tools of The One Thing Book. Her Big Why is inspiring people to do things that inspire them! Susan brings a fresh perspective and a unique point of view to The ONE Thing Workshop allowing the participants to see their true potential and unlock the hidden treasures of self discovery.

Teri Brenkus

Henderson, NV

Teri Brenkus is a Keller Williams University certified trainer and a senior faculty instructor for the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®. She has been awarded top faculty Instructor for her engaging and no nonsense style. She is the owner of two Keller Williams offices in Southern Nevada with more than 260 agents, owner of a mega real estate team closing over 300 properties annually for the last 10 years. Awarded 2015 Top Women in Real Estate by the Women's Council of REALTORS®. She is the proud mother of three fabulous children and has been happily married for more than 24 years.

Tricia Bol Brouwers

Chicago, IL

Van Carpenter

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Experienced, enlightening and entertaining. Three perfect reasons to use Van Carpenter as your next trainer, facilitator and coach for The ONE Thing. His diversity of international business experience in corporate, agency, entrepreneurial, government and military provides a unique perspective to help you achieve extraordinary success in your business and life. Van is a fun "edutainer," and has written and taught courses, workshops and seminars in innovation, marketing, PR, sales and leadership.