Empire Building

Is Now Execution for Success: Blow Up Your Business Results in 2018

13 Steps to Creating a Business Worth Owning has SHIFTED...


NOTE: This event has changed! And you will want to be part of it.

Empire Building has become... Execution for Success: Blow Up Your Business Results in 2018

There is NO CHARGE for this event. It WILL be a powerful day for YOU!

Because of recent events with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Gary Keller has pledged to be deeply involved in helping the people of Texas and Florida heal and regain their lives. In Texas alone, he has lead Keller Williams to pledge $20 million in financial relief and hundreds of thousands of hours to help people restore their lives.

Gary Keller's "Empire Building" is not just a 1-day event. For him, it has been a way of life, a way of being. And in this time of crisis for so many who have been impacted, he continues to think big and contribute at in extreme ways. Just last week, Gary charged the KW leadership team to find ways to contribute in ways beyond normal imagination. KW shifted their Mega Camp conference here in Austin, with over 19,000 registrants, to allow the city to use the Austin Convention Center for relief housing. And the thousands of KW real estate agents who came to Austin pivoted too with his inspiration and agreed to come to Austin to be transported in caravans of buses to heavily impacted areas of South Texas. Additionally, Keller Williams' foundation, KW Cares, has sent more than a dozen 18-wheelers filled with supplies to areas, and another fleet of trucks loaded with essentials to various parts of Florida to support with the Irma recovery. 

What does all this have to do with Gary Keller Empire Building program? Gary has made the decision that these other events require his devoted attention and that he also wants your experience to be rich and rewarding. He has charged Jay Papasan, ONE Thing co-author, MAPS Business executive, Don Hobbs, and the MAPS Business Training and Coaching Team with producing an event worthy of your investment of time and money. Gary's dissappointed to not be with us for the day, and feels a keen sense of responsibility for making sure the program is powerful.

Execution for Success: Blow Up Your Business Results in 2018 is a one-day look at many of the elements Gary Keller used to build Keller Williams Realty International from one Austin office to 170,000 agents and the #1 real estate company in the world. An intimate group of local business leaders as well as business leaders from around the country will be in attendance and have the opportunity to participate to take their businesses to the next level.

This extraordinary program with begin at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM. Lunch will be served. Donations for MegaRelief accepted.

The is NO CHARGE for this event. 


Empire Building offers the following:

✔   Your Mindset for Creating Powerful Results in the Upcoming Financial Shift
✔   Developing Your Value Proposition: Grab Mind Share and Marketshare
✔   Bringing Purpose into Your Business
✔   Your MVVBP: Developing Components of a Great Company
✔   Your Business Plan for 2018
✔   Identifying Your Empire Builders: Recruiting Top Talent
✔   Creating a Vision for Greatness

Empire Building


Wednesday, Sept 27th
8:30 AM-4:30 PM CDT


KWRI Training Center
1221 S Mopac Expressway,
Austin, TX 78746

Lunch Provided

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