Breakthrough ONE-on-ONE Coaching

Go small to get big.

Breakthrough ONE-on-ONE Coaching offers personalized coaching, business planning and high-level accountability to those committed to growing their businesses. With your coach, you’ll learn how to achieve extraordinary results by pursuing less.

Similar in design to Mastery Coaching, Breakthrough Coaching offers personalized guidance on a biweekly schedule at a reduced price, with the goal of quickly accelerating you into the Mastery program.

Breakthrough Coaching offers the following:

✔   Skills-based lessons that get you focused on your ONE Thing in order to make your strengths work for you
✔   Training that enables you to form new habits to combat the six lies that destroy productivity and derail results
✔   Accountability sessions that ensure that once you've developed a plan, you stick to it and see extraordinary results
✔   Proprietary strategies and models to increase your bottom line
✔   Tactics for watching your finances, so you keep more of the hard-earned dollars you make
✔   Semi-monthly high-impact phone sessions with your personal coach


  • $600 per month
  • Six-month commitment
  • $500 per month
  • Twelve-month commitment
  • Schedule your free business assessment today!